Swan Valley Health Retreats

Secure balance in your life

Brookleigh Health Retreat is in a unique setting in the Swan Valley, as restful as it is inspiring. Modern life can be challenging in the fast pace most of us have live it  and this requires balance, physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes to achieve this, we just need some time to refocus, activate the body, and quiet the mind. If you are unwell, fatigued, stressed or uninspired everything else is difficult and meaningless.

Our Health Retreat is designed to help you secure balance in your life through a combination of spa treatments and massage, personal training, Wellness consultations, meditation, pilates, bushwalks and hikes, cycling, healthy food and much more.

Swan Valley Health Retreats at Brookleigh

1 – 5 day Retreats

Health and Spa at Brookleigh offers 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day retreats.
During this time you can undergo a basic fitness assessment, complemented by personal training sessions, Pilates or circuit training, healthy food and an individualized fitness program to take with you when you leave. Spa treatments and consultations that include nutrition are available as well.
To learn more, see the Programs, Packages, and Spa Menu pages.

Brookleigh Corporate Retreats Swan Valley

Designed to suit your needs

Every individual has a different optimum level of health and fitness, which is why we offer choices for our health programs and retreats. At Brookleigh Health Retreat we adopt a personalised approach to health and well-being based on individual goals and current fitness abilities.  We will advise you of the best way you can achieve optimum fitness so that when you leave you will be equipped with the knowledge and attitude to continue your lifelong journey of respect and admiration for your body and being.

In keeping with our approach to balance, your energy and nutritional needs during your retreat will be met by our delicious, healthy cuisine with many seasonal ingredients sourced locally in the Swan Valley and other notable areas of Western Australia.

If you are unable to make a full 1 day, 3 day, or 5 day commitment, visit our Spa Menu page to explore the many other options we can offer, including individual personal training sessions and spa treatments.