Brookleigh Corporate Retreats Swan Valley are all about focusing on an individual’s personal health and state of mind.

Brookleigh Corporate Retreats Swan Valley can help your valuable employees to recharge in a beautiful setting, while giving them some tools to better manage their personal and professional lifestyle.

Being in a different setting to everyday life gives us the best opportunity to make positive changes. At Brookleigh, you or your employee will feel far from any distractions and able to focus on themselves.

While the time out at Brookleigh Corporate Health Retreat is a wonderful reward for your employee, and this is a great outcome in itself, the long term benefit to your corporation comes in the healthy changes your employee will learn to implement in their everyday life.

Brookleigh Corporate Retreats Swan Valley

We know that our best team members are the employees who work the long, hard hours necessary to our corporations success.

These same employees are often the ones who work on with no compliant and unfortunately are also the ones most likely to suffer from burn out. When these employees do burn out, our businesses suffer. A Brookleigh Corporate Health Retreat is an economically viable way to both reward and acknowledge their hard work, and to aid in their long term wellness.

Brookleigh Corporate Health Retreat is facilitated by people who are over achievers in both their personal and professional lives, so they have an understanding of the importance of stress management and a balanced lifestyle. This understanding will help them to transfer their knowledge to your employees in a practical and tangible manner.

The benefits personal balance and growth has on the workplace:

  • Giving individuals the tools to cope with stress management.
  • As a reward incentive for valued employees
  • How to discuss work / life balance with family members
  • How to develop steady leadership skills through personal growth and self reflection on our own actions.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency through learning mental aids to focus the mind
  • Increased motivation and workplace commitment through managerial acknowledgement of their valuable efforts.
  • Avenues for healthy weight loss for busy people
Brookleigh’s Corporate Health Retreats consist of physical activity to demonstrate the mental and physical benefits that exercise produces.

These by products of exercise can be felt after even one session. The participants will receive a take home workout that they can incorporate into their daily lives in the comfort of their own home, outside or at the gym. The workout will duplicate what was performed together so that they feel comfortable performing it.

Healthy nutritious food will be provided as well as relaxation massages and time to recuperate in the spa gardens. We encourage participants to ‘unplug’ while they are here and to allow themselves to be without constant stimulation and practice gaining comfort simply doing nothing at all.

Meditation to Yoga …

Mindfulness techniques taught through meditation will help individuals and teams develop a range of positive skills that are essential to effectively manage their everyday lives and realise their potential in the workplace. The techniques taught will help build a pathway toward better concentration and focus through harnessing the power of the mind when needed for critical thinking and problem solving but also learning to quiet the mind and stopping the unwanted and unnecessary constant stream of thought that is counterproductive to a healthy mindset. The holds that mental fatigue and burn out have over us can be challenged and overcome with these practices.

Restorative Yoga classes assist with focusing on the connection between breathe and movement in the body which in turn compliments the practices taught in the Meditation and Physical Activity.

What is included in a Brookleigh Corporate Health Retreat

  • Wellness Consultation including Goal Setting
  • Nutritional Guidance with take home program including dietary tracking sheets and recipes
  • Physical Activity sessions including take home workout
  • Stretching sessions with take home Stretching Routine
  • Guided bike ride in the Swan Valley plus use of bike during stay for exploring
  • Full use of gym and pool
  • 2 x Meditation Session
  • Restorative Yoga Session
  • 2 x Swedish Massage + 1 x Brookleigh Signature Facial
  • Accommodation
  • All nutritious meals, including snacks and herbal Valley Teas
  • All programs can begin on any day of the week, at anytime, so long as our Accommodation is available

*Sessions or treatments can be swapped or upgraded. Other activities can include golf and a tour of the beautiful Swan Valley. Please ask our team for more details

3 Night Retreat

$ 1990 for individual program

$1510 /person for 2 person program

$1280 /person for 3 person program

Customised programs are available, please contact us so that we can organise the perfect package for you.