Health Retreat Programs

At Brookleigh Health Spa, we tailor your experience to meet your own preferences and needs.

Choose from meditation, bushwalks in the hills surrounding the beautiful Swan Valley(one of the loveliest places in Western Australia), cycling on the many bike trails in the Valley, nature fitness circuits, pool workouts in the stunningly landscaped Brookleigh pool (during summer as the pool is unheated), one on one nutritional guidance and wellness consultations, spa treatments, stretching exercises, one on one personal training, meditation, group Pilates classes and more.

These program options are here for the benefit of your health and the more activities you participate in, the better the results you will achieve during your retreat. However, you will not be required to participate in any activity that you do not wish to. The choice is entirely yours.

Health and Spa at Brookleigh in Western Australia recognise that no two people are the same, which is why our programs and retreats allow for plenty of individual options.

Individual Spa Treatments

The most difficult part is choosing which one you want. You will be able to choose from beauty treatments and facials, Swedish massage, Health & Spa relaxation massage and hand and foot massage.

To complement your few hours of pampering, add on a calming walk around the beautiful parkland trails of Brookleigh, or a delicious healthy meal from Stewart’s restaurant and you’ve planned your perfect afternoon or evening.

Swan Valley Day Spa at Brookleigh

Nutritional Consultation

Our society has access to an abundance of foods but our soils are deficient in many vital minerals. Also, many nutrients are lost in the processing of foods. This can lead to deficiencies causing degenerative conditions including heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, and premature aging among others.  The typical Western diet has many refined, denatured foods which are empty calories and therefore lacking in valuable nutrients. There is evidence of marked health improvement when the correct dietary changes are made. This could include some supplements for deficiencies which are not always available from our food. Our bodies don’t always work at their optimum levels due to our dietary choices and incorrect combinations of foods.

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